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Note: For carving tools, the numbering system used here is based on the "London Pattern" system laid out by the English carving tool makers in the 19th Century and still the generally accepted standard in the English speaking world for classifying carving chisels.

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Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

T. H. Witherbey

CH210139 T. H. Witherbey A medium sweep 3/4" out-cannel socket gouge. It is also marked on the bottom, "Winstead Edge Tool Works, Winstead, CT, USA" I would rate it higher but a fool has gone over it lightly with a fine wire wheel. It is barely noticable, but enough to upset a connoisseur. It measures 13 3/4" overall. G+ $36

Buck Brothers

CH210142 Buck Brothers A socket paring chisel that is just shy of 7/8" wide and measures 12 3/4" overall. Nice as found condition. G+ Sold

New Haven Edge Tool Co

CH210114 New Haven Edge Tool Co A 1 1/4" wide heavy timber framer's chisel with a nice original handle. The chisel looks like it was polished and has lost its patina. It will still make a great user. It measures 15 5/8" overall. G+ $69

Barton Bros, Sheffield

CH201264 Barton Bros, Sheffield A quality 1" paring chisel that has had a Buck Brothers handle stuck on it. The replacement handle is appropriately sized and will make a good user, but it hasn't been put on straight and needs to be pulled off and reset. The chisel has a dark patina. This is a high quality 19th Century English paring chisel and will make a great user. G+ $26

Handwrought Corner Chisel

CH201273 Handwrought Corner Chisel A hand forged 15/16" corner chisel. The handle is short, but looks old and might be original. The blade is not heavily worn and could be put back to work or collected. G+ $36

F. Stones

CH201242 F. Stones A scarce 18th Century mortising chisel in 5/8". This chisel looks to be about full original length and is in really wonderful condition for such an early chisel. The handle is old and perhaps original, but is owner made. These chisels were often shipped here unhandled and were sold that way, to be handled by the buyer. The metal has a pleasing light-medium patina. G++ $69

J. B. Addis & Sons

CH20101 J. B. Addis & Sons An honest as found 3/8" carving gouge in a #5 sweep. A great user. G+ $36

G.E. Woods Patent Everlast Chisel G.E. Woods Patent Everlast Chisel

CH200816 G.E. Woods Patent Everlast Chisel A scarce original Everlast chisel, made before Stanley bought the rights from G.E. Woods. It is a 1 1/2" wide carpenter's chisel. I would call it a heavy paring chisel or a light firming chisel. It is the example of an Everlast chisel that I can recall that is not beveled. There is a series of dings on the left side were it was used to tap on something. The handle has a a shrinkage check were it shrank around the steel central shaft. The handle on these is not structural. It has been properly cleaned by a collector. G+ $139

Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien Holtapffel & Deyerlien

CH200227 Holtapffel & Deyerlien This is an H&D triptych of ornamental turning tools. It is the only known example made from what I believe is satinwood. They are normally mahogany. The tool handles are also atypical. They are not rosewood or African blackwood, which is standard. I am not sure what wood they are. It might be Purple Heart, but I am really not an expert on exotic woods. Hopefulle the chose up picture will be enough for an expert out there to confirm the wood for us. There are slots for 75 tools. Of these, 54 are occupied. I believe 52 of the tools in this triptych to be original to it. There are two that have handles that, while labeled correctly as "Drills", don't match the others. Each slot is labeled by function, and each tool is labeled on the handle. The tools are marked H&D. It is very unouched, with one old expception. The lock has been replaced, and however did it, filled the gap around the lock with wood filler, and then rubbed the wood filler into the joint beween the side and the front. The photo shows this clearly. No big deal. There are also to losses. The outsided is banded with ebony stringing. Some of that is missing. It never bothered me enough to fix it, but you can see from the photo what would be require. It is not difficult. The two front doors are sealed by a small astragal molding. The lowere part of that is missing. I have had this triptych for years. Before that it was with the same owner for most of the 20th Century. Because of the special order woods, and the untouched condition, I have always thought that it was the one to own. Fine- $2795

Hand Forged Hand Forged

CH201056 Hand Forged A 1/4" socket morticing chisel that is well made by clearly hand-forged. It looks relatively early to me. It is in nice condition but has no handle. Free to the first person who orders it and spends $150 on old tools. G+ $0

James Swan

CH150643 James Swan An original finger jointed wooden box that, according to the label, once held a half dozen 1/2" Socket Firmer Chisels No. 1010. A nice box for a Swan collector. G+ $19


CH15032 Mottram A massive 5/8" morticing chisel in as found condition except for the bevel and the upper edge of the end, which have been recently ground. No damage was done except for removing the patina. The handle looks original but has some splits on the right side that might be hard to glue back down because the deformation to the end that caused them is keeping the wood from going back down all of the way. An early chisel by an imporant maker, in a scarce size. G+ $79

Antique Chisel

CH111246 Button Hole Chisel A really nice all metal button hole chisel that certainly looks 18th Century to me. Great untouched surface and still very sharp. One of the nicest examples that I have see of this scarce type of chisel. (Since I originally listed this chisel, it has come to my attention that these chisels, called button hole chisels by collectors, actually had nothing to do with button holes. I feel certain that they were for breaking wax seals on letters.) 11/16" wide. G++ $169

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