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It is no secret that when it comes to woodworking, we are real hard-core traditionalists. Well, when it comes to finishing, we are actually worse. Surprisingly, it is not because we are purists so much as because we have found the traditional methods to achieve the most satisfactory results, both for reproduction pieces and for modern works. For more about this Click here for Wood Finishing Advice!

H. Behlen is the largest US manufacturer of finishing supplies specifically for woodworking. We have chosen from the vast range of wood finishing products manufactured by Behlen the products which we think are useful to the traditional woodworker. Besides a full range of shellacs, Behlen offers a vast range of other finishes. We do not offer any solvents here because of the problems associated with shipping them and the fact that you can easily buy them locally.

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Behlens Rubbing Mediums
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Pumice Stone
Used as an abrasive and in abrasive compounds for rubbing down wood finishes. When used for rubbing down finishes in its dry state, add water or rubbing oil as lubricant for final finish rubbing.
Pumice Stone 1 lb 2F grade (coarse)SALE!

Behlens Fill Sticks

For quick touch-up of nicks and scratches, these wax-based fill sticks are just the thing. While burn-in sticks do create a more durable fill, these sticks can be applied more quickly and more conveniently. Ideal for touch up around the house, or for covering nails in moldings, paneling, etc. Will accept any finish. Packaged as 12 sticks, each 4 1/4" long.

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Fill Sticks Fruitwood (12)SALE!

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